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Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine SBVW - 150


A Quality Product from
Ahmedabad - India

Description :
Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine SBVW - 150 -
Shree Bhagwati very critically reviewed vial washing operations in the parenteral section and found methods either very primitive or concepts with probabilities or too perfect and highly expensive.

Considering above facts, a very imaginative vial washing machine Model SBVW-150 is devised to ensure simple & modular operation, where each individual vial is positively washed with maximum of seven washes.

The Vial trays are directly un-loaded to the vial tray from which it is pushed on to the turn-table.

The turn-table slowly and steadily feed vials to the two tracks feed worm, where vials are automatically inverted.

The synchronized star-wheel places two vials, one by one to the two tracks indexing chain.

The indexing chain positively carries inverted pair of vials through seven sequential washes.

At the end of washing operations vials are reinvented back into original position and collected in the tray.::

features :
Very compact, rigid, & modular construction.

All contact parts with D.M. water and distilled water of S.S. 316 construction and argon arc welded.

The unit built on S.S. square pipe frame and totally encompassed with S.S. coverings in pleasing matte finish to avoid corrosion and ease of cleaning even from inside.

The washing section is totally covered with acrylic cabinet and collecting trays ensure total removal of water in the drain or recirculation tank

Absolutely simple machine, with only six change parts, which can be changed within few minutes.

All exposed parts are of S.S. 304 or hard chrome plated brass for corrosion free long life.

The seven sets of nozzle enter into the vials mouth during the washing operation ensuring penetration of washing medias to the core A perfect washing principle.

Fixed top nozzles at each washing station ensures external washing of vials at the same time of internal washing.

The flow of washing medias stop during the indexing of chain, saving straight 25% on utilities.

The system of solenoid valves and optional tanks, pumps and filters is engineered for long trouble free life & fool proof operation.

The machine construction allows delivery of vials into a separate room or attach directly with tunnel.

Note: Dimensions & Technical Details are subject to change as per customers' requirement without any further notice. ::

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We are a Manufacturers amd Exporters of pharmaceutical & allied filling and packaging machinery.
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