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Mantra Technologies


Mantra Technologies

USB Finger Print Sensor


A Quality Product from
Mantra Technologies [View Profile]
Ahmedabad - India

Description :
The U.are.U 4000 is a USB fingerprint sensor designed for use with DigitalPersona?s U.are.U applications and developer tools. The user simply places his/her finger on the glowing sensor window, and the device quickly and automatically captures the fingerprint image. Onboard electronics calibrate the device and encrypt the image data before sending it over the USB interface. DigitalPersona ?products utilize optical fingerprint scanning technology for superior image quality and product reliability. The U.are.U 4000 Sensor and DigitalPersona recognition software have an unmatched ability to recognize even the most difficult fingerprints.::

features :
Small form factor
Excellent image quality
Encrypted image data
Latent print rejection
Counterfeit image rejection
Rotation invariant
Works well with dry, moist, or rough fingerprints
Challenge response link
Compatible with all U.are.U applications.::

Product Applications :
Desktop PC security
Mobile PCs
Custom applications
Home and Office Use.::

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Mantra Technologies

We are committed to providing total and quality solutions to give technology leverage in enhancing business and security. Mantra Technologies has very strong focus on Research and Development, Marketing and Customer Support to encompass expertise in the below mentioned areas: Biometric Technology and Security Systems: Smart Card based Systems, Business Solutions, GIS Systems, IVR Systems, Cinema Software We are Provided Following Services- Banking- Anywhere Banking, Internet Banking, Tele Banking, Biometric Kiosks. GIS, Consulting Services. Networking Services- WAN/LAN Services, Network / Security Audit, Security Policy, Security Network Mapping, Threat & Risk Management, Formulating a Security policy, Security Architecture. Business Solutions. We are Manufacturer of- Time Trak, FVS (Fingerprint verification SDK), Bioaccess, Typekey, FingerprintTerminal.

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